Hello! I am Sandeep Kumar
I am a software developer with over 4 years of experience in creating software solutions for clients worldwide. My expertise lies in designing databases and developing applications using cutting-edge technologies. Throughout the course of my professional trajectory within the digital realm, I have acquired a profound comprehension and exceptional proficiency that greatly surpasses industry standards.

My main concentration lies in providing superior software that satisfies the requirements of my customers or final users. I have faith in utilizing agile methodologies to guarantee the timely and budget-friendly accomplishment of development projects. As an individual, I am committed to delivering outstanding software solutions that drive business success and improve the lives of end-users.
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Software Engineer

Hobnob.ai - Singapore

May 2022 - Present

• Worked in the development of Hobnob Topics that enable the users to join and hobnob on the topic (E.g., Sports, Technology, etc.,) they like.
• Worked in the development of Intros that enables new joiners in a company to effectively schedule a meeting with their colleagues and break the silo.
• Implemented OAuth Flow (Google and Microsoft) for the application.
• Developed Slack and MS Teams extensions for the application.
• Worked on adding ICS attachments in meeting schedule emails by following iMIP best practices.
• Introduced CloudFormation to the team and used to it speed up the deployment process.

Software Engineer

CargoAi - Singapore

Aug 2020 - Apr 2022

• Developed an extensible end-to-end Track & Trace microservice for several major Airlines (Air France, British Airways, Etihad, Finnair, etc.) integrated with our application. 1000s of cargo forwarders use this service for the day-to-day tracking of their shipments.
• Implemented Carbon emission calculator plugin for track and trace service based on IATA (International Air Transport Association) standard for calculating carbon emissions.
• Optimized Flight schedule microservice and reduced its API response time.
• Rewrote Notification microservice with decoupled architecture using well-defined interfaces.
• Worked in dockerizing crawler service to run selenium with headless chrome in AWS Lambda.
• Implemented an IP tracker module to track the number of requests for various services.
• Integrated Track and trace and Flight schedule APIs with RapidAPI to effortlessly subscribe and use the API.
• Designed and developed the company’s website with responsive design and excellent search engine optimization

Software Engineer - Intern

Qube Cinema - Chennai

May 2019 - Jul 2020

• Developed OTA (Over the Air) update feature for the playback servers installed in 4000+ theatres.
• Develop a module to detect USB drives plugged into the playback server, list all the asset packages (DCPs), and detach them.
• Wrote a library for DCP construction from media assets.
• Developed media player features (play, pause, stop, forward, and backward) for the playback server which interacts with media streamer device (Raspberry Pi) to execute the operations using gRPC.
• Worked in the development of an Automation Controller module that interacts with TMS (Theatre Management System) APIs to automatically schedule movies and advertisements, increase/decrease volume, and turn on/off lights on multiple screens.
• Cross-compiled Go code (with custom c bindings) against Yocto Linux x86 architecture.
• Customized fonts and cursors of X Window System (X11) in the playback server.

Software Engineer - Intern

Qube Cinema - Chennai

Aug 2018 - Dec 2018

• Developed an internal iTunes publisher tool that restructures and publishes digital cinema contents to iTunes.
• Developed an HDD health monitor service that monitors the health of the hard disk drives currently in use and sends the periodic reports in slack.


Bachelors of Engineering, Electronics and Communication

SSN College of Engineering

2016 - 2020

Coursework: Networking, FPGA Programming, Digital Electronics, Digital Signal Processing, Antennas and Wave Propagation.

Science Group

Holy Cross School

2003 - 2016

Coursework: Biology, Maths, Physics, Chemistry.


Web Development



Shell Script




Fast Torrent

This project enables users to save torrent file contents (with a maximum size of 5 GB) directly to the cloud and download them quickly without worrying about seeds.

Tech Stack: React, Go, Python, DynamoDB, PostgreSQL


Smart Theatre

This project lets the audience view and switch subtitles to multiple languages in theatres using augmented reality. As of now, the audience can use android phones to experience it.

Tech Stack: Go, C#, gRPC, Sqlite3


Crypto Health

This project enables hospital managements to store their patient's health data in a blockchain, model ensuring high security.

Tech Stack: React, Django, PostgreSQL



Sandeep one of the best engineers I have worked with. We had a very complex full stack project and he understood the requirements very quickly. Even though the requirements were vague he was able to bring in clarity during implementation. Some of his strong areas are - Clean design, Test driven development, Neatly written and manageable code. This made our transition to next version very easy (even after he finished the project) because the code he wrote was future proof so new developers were able to understand the code easily and contribute very quickly.

He also shines as a great leader. During our project he pulled in like minded developers, put together a plan for each one of them to parallelly progress. He made sure everyone is aligned with the project and executed it successfully. I wish him all the best!!

Manoharan Kuppusamy

Principal Software Engineer, Microsoft

Sandeep has a real passion for his work. During his time with CargoAi, he accomplished many achievements. He started working with us on our crawlers. He then built our new website and put in place the basis of our track and trace system.

Francois Xavier-Gsell

Chief Technology Officer at CargoAi

Sandeep has strong passion for technology. He is dedicated and meticulous in his tasks. His background in electronics enables him to come up with solutions that is not limited to software. I wish him all the best.

Sivachandran Paramasivam

Product Engineer at Platform.sh

Sandeep is a super quick learner. I know him since he joined Qube Cinema as a Software Engineering Intern. He was able to quickly pick up Go and started delivering critical features to the product in no time. The quality of the code he delivered was on par with other experienced Go developers. He is so focused on improving his skills and putting them into reality.

On a lighter note, Sandeep is a very fun person to work with. Sandeep's agility to work with multiple technologies, writing quality code and friendly attitude makes him an amazing engineer any team can have.

Ajith Panneerselvam

Software Engineer at Toyota Connected